Innovation in design and technology

  • MYKITA always tries to keep an open mind‐set. All products are born from an interdisciplinary approach.
  • MYKITA thrives on the power of a self‐contained network that enables interdisciplinary research and the transfer of technologies.
  • One of the fundamental design principles of MYKITA is to create technical solutions that must at the same time be aesthetic ones.
  • Unique hinge designs function as branding.
  • MYKITA uses three different materials: stainless steel, acetate and MYLON. Each material features intrinsic properties to which we try to do justice with our designs. Working with these materials and technologies and their properties appropriately requires a great deal of engineering knowledge, flexibility and curiosity.
  • The designs are developed by an international in‐house design team in Berlin. Each new model goes through several manual prototypes before they reach the collection.
  • MYKITA holds numerous patents.
  • Various design distinctions/awards pay tribute to the MYKITA eyewear concepts.
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